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Advantages of Solar street lamps in the construction of new countryside
Feb 24, 2019

In order to develop a country in an all-round way, we should not only speed up the development of cities, but also promote the development of rural economy. The fundamental purpose of new rural construction is to change the old rural infrastructure, improve the rural construction environment and meet the villagers'living needs. In infrastructure construction, changing rural roads has become one of the key points, so the demand for rural street lamps is very large. With the maturity of solar street lamp technology in recent years, the advantages of solar street lamp in rural road construction are becoming more and more obvious.

One of the fundamental reasons why ordinary street lamps in cities are not suitable for the application of new rural roads is that the income of rural areas is not high. If we bear the extra electricity cost caused by the use of ordinary street lamps, it will undoubtedly add unnecessary economic burden to the local residents. Solar street lamp power generation with solar energy resources can save this expenditure, ease the pressure of rural life and improve their lives.

The original infrastructure in rural areas is poor, especially in the power sector. The whole construction process of installing solar street lamp is convenient and simple. If ordinary street lamp is to carry out complicated construction, a large number of new cables and pipelines need to be laid. The whole construction time is long and the investment is large. In the application of solar street lamps in rural areas, farmers can travel and transport more conveniently, and then improve economic income.

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