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How to Control the Installation Spacing of Solar Courtyard Lamp
Jan 07, 2019

As an outdoor lighting source, the solar courtyard lamp is usually under 6 meters high. Because of its diversity and beauty in shape, it has the characteristics of beautification and decoration for the lighting environment, so the solar courtyard lamp is mostly used for landscape lighting. In terms of lighting standards, the luminous flux of solar courtyard lamps can reach more than 2300lm, the color temperature is 2700K, the lamp height is 3.5m, and the color rendering index can basically reach Ra=80 with good lighting effect.

In order to achieve good landscape lighting and ensure the service life, the main parameters of solar courtyard lamps include: all-steel structure, whole hot-dip galvanized/sprayed lamp pole; 15-80WP crystal silicon battery panels according to load; maintenance-free lead-acid or colloidal storage battery; solar energy-saving lighting special light control + time control controller. In addition, during installation, the protection level of solar courtyard lamps should meet the industry standard of IP65, and the wind resistance design should be more than 150 Km/h.

When installing street lamp, if the yard lamp with mask is used, the distance between street lamp is controlled about 16 meters. If the yard lamp without mask is used, the distance between installation should be controlled between 18 and 20 meters. As the main light source of road or landscape lighting, the control of solar courtyard lamp system should be divided into two ways by means of spacing jump connection, so that the solar courtyard lamp can save energy in the application process and the cost of the system configuration.

For the installation of the courtyard lamp, only according to the engineering installation practice, the installation of the solar courtyard lamp can ensure the good application of the solar courtyard lamp in lighting.

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