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Manufacturing Technology of Solar Street Lamp Pole
Jan 25, 2019

The most commonly used anti-rust technology of solar street lamp pole is hot rolled steel plate+hot/cold galvanized+spray plastic+protective film:

Solar street lamp pole will hardly rust after cold/hot galvanizing treatment (except for trachoma when lamp pole is welded), so the only factor affecting the beauty of street lamp is paint. Solar street lamp pole after galvanizing will carry out the last anticorrosive coating process - spraying plastic.

Outdoor plastic powder is used for spraying, or better outdoor high-brightness plastic powder, but after actual use, it is found that the service life of outdoor plastic powder can not reach 10 years, or even 20 years, and the outdoor high-brightness plastic powder will gradually dim after three years of outdoor use on the surface of solar street lamp pole, and then begin to discolor paint. This is a good plastic powder, poor quality plastic powder will completely change shape in less than a year, the biggest disadvantage of outdoor plastic powder is poor aging resistance.

So at this time, we need to add another layer of protective film on the surface, galvanizing is for rust prevention, spraying is for beauty, rust prevention is achieved, beauty has been achieved, that plus a layer of protective film can be considered perfect. The weatherability of outdoor powder is very poor, if it can be encapsulated with a kind of coatings with super weatherproof ability, it can keep its true color for a long time. However, this kind of coatings is not difficult to find. It is "fluorocarbon paint". Fluorocarbon paint has excellent anticorrosive performance, maintenance-free, strong adhesion, super-long weatherproof and other characteristics. Fluorocarbon paint is coated on the plastic powder outer layer of solar street lamp pole. It can play a very good protective role, so it is not a problem to maintain the gloss of the surface paint for more than ten years.

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