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Requirements for Rural Road Installation
Jan 22, 2019

1. Requirements for the quality of light sources. The service life of the general solar street lighting source is 3-4 years, and the quality guarantee period of the source manufactured by the regular manufacturers is 3 years. In normal use, it is necessary to ensure the heat dissipation of the solar street lighting source, which can effectively prolong the service life of the solar street lighting source.

2. Ensure the stability of solar street lamps. Solar street lamp will not suddenly extinguish in the normal use process. If such a phenomenon occurs, it may be caused by internal circuit problems or insufficient battery power supply. Therefore, in order to eliminate internal problems, it is necessary to ensure stable lighting in rainy weather. When the light is good, there is no shield on the solar panel to affect its absorption of light energy.

3, Ensure the rationality of allocation. According to the local actual situation, solar street lamp manufacturers in the early stage of installation should do a good job of reasonable configuration, in order to ensure the installation cost of solar street lamp, but also to ensure the good application of solar street lamp in rural road lighting. The installation of solar street lamp in new countryside can achieve good improvement of rural road infrastructure only by saving energy and reducing cost.

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